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Irish Traveller Culture

Resources to incorporate Irish Traveller culture in the ECEC environment

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"Cant" is a language which is unique to the Traveller community.  This "Cant is Cool" resource from the Navan Travellers Workshop Ltd.  provides an opportunity to include some Cant words within the ECEC environment.

(Image Credit: Susan Craig-Greene)

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Video animations on the Pavee Point website depicting the history of Britain’s Gypsies, Roma and Irish Travellers. Irish Travellers are a recognised minority ethnic group in the UK since 2000. 

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Author Richard O'Neill

Author, playwrite and storyteller, Richard O'Neill, who was raised in a fully nomadic Romani Gypsy family in the UK wrote a number of acclaimed children's books.  His books are wonderfully illustrated and centred around Traveller culture and various aspects of Roma Gyspy and Traveller life, communities and traditions.  Titles include "Polonius the Pit Pony" who " when he escapes from the coal mine he's worked in all his life, he joins a family of Travellers" and  "The Lost Homework" where Sonny, a Traveller boy uses his many skills to help his fellow Travellers.   Access a list of Richard's books here.

Image by Johann Walter Bantz

Want to learn some useful words and phrases in Irish Cant?  Click above to access this online resource.

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Kids Own Publishing Partnership in Sligo have a number of books for children exploring Irish Traveller culture.  Such as "Can't Lose Cant" and "This Giant Tent". Check out their other books on their main website here.

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This video of Irish Traveller children sharing an insight into the traditional language of Gammen/Cant and was made in 2020 as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2020 by artist/folklorist Michael Fortune.  

Keeping accounts

NCCA audit of Traveller culture and history in the curriculum at early years, primary and second level. 

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