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My name is Paula Walshe.  I am a PhD student researching STEAM in ECEC, a published author on the topic of quality standards in ECEC practice and assistant lecturer in early childhood education. I am also co-host of the ECE Quality Ireland Podcast.

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My particular areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • STEAM interventions in ECEC.

  • Quality and professionalisation in ECEC. 

  • Communities of practice in ECEC.

  • Contemporary research in ECEC.

I currently hold a MA in Early Childhood Education and I am now undertaking PhD research focussing on STEAM in early childhood education with Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Other Projects I am involved in:

ECE Quality Ireland - Twitter Community of Practice.

ECE Quality Ireland Podcast.

PEMI - Professional body for the ECEC profession in Ireland.

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